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Drywall & Finishing

Pietsch Construction offers the installation of a wide variety of gypsum board products. The industry is ever changing and new technologies in the composition of the gypsum products changes frequently. We pride ourselves for continuing our education to offer our clients the newest and leading products for their buildings. Finishing or Taping is another area we take great pride in. There are so many different brands and types of setting compounds out that we work closely with the top manufactures to make sure we are using the right products for the right application. We employee finishers with years of experience to make sure our finish work is exactly what the client is looking for. 

Drywall Installation and Finishing is a relatively straightforward process, but not a simple one. Poorly installed drywall may mean extensive and expensive repairs later down the road. Pietsch Construction provides southern Minnesota with quality drywall installation. Misaligned boxes, uneven joints, and visible nail heads are unattractive and difficult to hide. When you partner with Pietsch Construction for your upcoming project, you can rest easy knowing that your drywall will be installed to the highest industry standards.

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